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Datco Engineering Company, with the help of its specialized and experienced technical staff and using the latest certificates, operates in the field of import, design and manufacture of all kinds of magnetic equipment and lifting tools.

The activities of this company are:
1_Design and presentation of plan, construction, installation and complete execution of grinding lines and up-grade iron ore in the form of gradation and concentrate

2_Design and manufacture of separator magnets on the conveyor to prevent the entry of iron waste into mineral grinders

3-Design and manufacture of separator drum machines for upgrading iron ore

4_Design and manufacture of separator drum machines with high field intensity and separator roll to clean powdered minerals from iron oxide

5_Design and manufacture of magnetic traps to clean micronized powders, liquids and slurries from ferrous impurities

6_Design and manufacture of Eddy current machines for separation of beverage cans and non-ferrous metals in waste recycling plants

7_Design and manufacture of industrial metal detector to identify non-ferrous waste parts on conveyors with the best accuracy and quality

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